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History of REDHEN

Ladies and Gentlemen,


A few years ago I faced the problem of fencing a property. After many hours spent on browsing expert press, internet and other professional and commercial sources, I felt that there was no offer I could accept with satisfaction. All that time I remembered how impressed I once was by a television program in which, a young, excited architect was building a house of steel baskets filled with stone. I could not expect then that it was the beginning of a passion that, after a few years, would first materialize in my garden, and then capture my business life. The experience I have gained since then only confirmed that what we now create and offer, are architectural elements of very good utilitarian features and original aesthetics.


Feel welcome to cooperate with us:)


Leszek Jedrzejewski



What is  REDHEN

It is a steel rampart basket, which becomes an exquisite modern architecture element when filled up with stone. It is a simple form which gives huge creation possibilities. Depending on its filling and purpose REDHEN can be an exclusive fence or a daring designing accent. It is an environmentally friendly, positive object with many functions.
Gabions have been used to consolidate slopes, dikes and embankments for years. REDHEN was established to magnify the range of use of this effective building material. It was designed to be used in gardens, parks, streets and public utility structures.
Introduce REDHEN and change your environment!





REDHEN belongs to ESLO sp. z o.o. with its registered office located in the centre of Zabrze. The company owns a property of over 20 thousand m2 that includes storehouses, production, office and social buildings. It is also where the production processes of making gabion baskets take place (except galvanisation). We possess an experienced team of workers, appropriate background and knowledge, which allow us to manage even the biggest and most complicated orders.