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Our elements of architecture are expected to be used without any problems for many years. The steel construction of panel or gabion fences seems to make only small part of the whole investment, however it has the most significant influence on how long we will enjoy it.


Features of REDHEN products:


  • anticorrosion protection due to hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with EN ISO 1461 norm
  • assembly parts, which cannot be hot-dip galvanized because of technical reasons, are made of stainless steel – class A2
  • maintenance of gabions' „good shape and condition” is guaranteed by great amount and optimal arrangement of channel sections and bars. That protects our gabions from deformation that results from the influence of strong outer powers.
  • no electrolytic galvanization is used
  • all products are carefully and safely packed in order to avoid any damages during the delivery



REDHEN is high quality which we take care of on each phase of the production.